A Relationship Customer Typology

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Date: Winter 1999
From: Journal of Retailing(Vol. 75, Issue 4)
Publisher: Elsevier Advanced Technology Publications
Document Type: Article
Length: 625 words

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Building and maintaining relationships with customers is of great importance to today's retailers. Unfortunately, there is little research that investigates whether there are different types of relationship customers and how these types may vary. Therefore, the current study was conducted. Based on our own fieldwork and prior research in the area, we identify four consumer characteristics that we believe are related to the motivations for the maintenance of customer-salesperson relationships in an upscale retail-clothing context. These customer characteristics are perceived time poverty, social needs, level of shopping enjoyment for clothing/accessories, and level of shopping confidence for clothing accessories.

We employ these characteristics in a cluster analysis of a sample of actual retail "relationship customers" to derive a relationship customer typology. Six unique relationship clusters emerge. We then profiled these six segments with regards to their levels of satisfaction with, loyalty to, word of mouth about, and purchases with both the store and sales associate, and several...

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