Combating the negative effects of showrooming: Successful salesperson tactics for converting showroomers into buyers

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Date: Sept. 2019
Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
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Keywords Showrooming; Salesperson behavior; Consumer behavior; Interaction quality Highlights * Salespeople can influence showroomers to purchase in the store with high quality interactions. * Interaction quality can influence showroomers' future buying intention in the store. * Matching online retailers' prices increases showroomers' buying intention, but interaction quality still matters. * A suggestion for a more suitable product can increase showroomers' buying intention in the store. * By explaining a store's return policy, salespeople can increase showroomers' buying intention. Abstract Retail customers increasingly use brick-and-mortar retailers as showrooms to try products and gather information, while then purchasing online at a lower price. This paper addresses how showroomers react to several low-investment tactics aimed at combating the effects of showrooming, as well as comparing showroomers and non-showroomers on these issues. Based on three scenario experiments, the paper addresses the effects of salesperson interaction quality and other tactics aimed at increasing buying intention. The findings indicate that high interaction quality increases showroomers' in-store buying intention -- even when a salesperson matches the online price. The salesperson suggesting an alternative product or explaining the store's return policy also appear to be effective tactics to increase buying intentions. Interestingly, showroomers and non-showroomers reacted similarly to these strategies, indicating that the tactics can work for both parties. Author Affiliation: (a) WHU -- Otto Beisheim School of Management, Burgplatz 2, 56179 Vallendar, Germany (b) Department of Marketing, Culverhouse College of Business, University of Alabama, Box 870225, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0225, USA * Corresponding author at: Burgplatz 2, 56179 Vallendar, Germany. Article History: Received 4 November 2017; Revised 15 May 2019; Accepted 16 May 2019 Byline: Martin Fassnacht (a), Sharon E. Beatty (b), Markus Szajna [] (a,*)

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