Cold fusion: is it hot enough to make power?

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Author: Mark Crawford
Date: Apr. 28, 1989
From: Science(Vol. 244, Issue 4903)
Publisher: American Association for the Advancement of Science
Document Type: Article
Length: 697 words

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Cold Fusion: Is It Hot Enough to Make Power? Just suppose for a moment that the claims of Doctors Stanley Pons of the University of Utah and Martin Fleischmann of the University of Southampton turn out to be true: that they've discovered fusion in a test tube. What is in store for the energy production business?

Science put this question to applications-oriented fusion engineers, most of whom were reluctant to speculate. "I would not take seriously any attempt anybody makes to extrapolate to a reactor at this point," says Mohamed A. Abdou, a fusion researcher at the University of California At Los Angeles. Gerald Kulcinski, of University of Wisconsin, is equally cautious: "The heat has us all baffled," he told Science. "Until we know where it is coming from it is hard to project out to a reactor."

This cool response is not for lack of imagination. Kulcinski, after all, is the author of many ambitious schemes in the quest for harnessing fusion--such as going to the moon for exotic reactor fuel. But in...

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