Watkins takes the helm at DOE

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Author: Mark Crawford
Date: Mar. 3, 1989
From: Science(Vol. 243, Issue 4895)
Publisher: American Association for the Advancement of Science
Document Type: Article
Length: 475 words

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Watkins Takes the Helm at DOE Admiral James D. Watkins, President Bush's choice to head the Department of Energy (DOE), says the most serious problem before the department is the operation of the nuclear weapons materials production plants and the nuclear waste program. The DOE weapons program has failed to keep pace with the operating standards of the civilian nuclear power industry, he told members of Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee during a confirmation hearing on 22 February.

Watkins plans to overhaul much of the department's organization if his nomination is confirmed by the Senate. He assured committee members that he would be "extremely active in all parts" of DOE operations and that he would shape a...

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