Empirical estimation of agglomeration economies associated with research facilities

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Date: Dec. 2004
From: Atlantic Economic Journal(Vol. 32, Issue 4)
Publisher: Springer
Document Type: Article
Length: 4,350 words

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This research employs a new technique to estimate agglomeration economies, which are omitted from standard Input-Output (I-O) models. The overall economic impact of an economic entity includes the direct and indirect impacts as well as the agglomeration economies. I-O analysis is employed to assess the direct and indirect economic impacts of a research facility. The overall economic impact is estimated by employing a demographic projection model that estimates employment, population, and income in the region without the facility's contribution to the economic landscape. The difference between the overall economic impact and the direct and indirect impacts are attributed to the agglomeration effects of the facility. The findings indicate that agglomeration economies are significant part of the overall economic impact. (JEL R1)

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