Nan Kinross: Trailblazer and disruptor: Emeritus Professor Nancy Kinross, RN, PhD, CBE, 1926-2021.

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Date: June 2021
From: Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand(Vol. 27, Issue 5)
Publisher: New Zealand Nurses' Organisation
Document Type: Obituary
Length: 515 words
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I first met Nan Kinross when I was a Southland school girl. She presented the prizes at my 1965 high school break-up--part of her commitment to community service as the Local chief nurse.

A decade Later, Nan's exciting new nursing programme at Massey University drew me back from Australia. For registered nurse students, the programme was both radical and transformative in an environment that was empowering and Liberating. Nursing theories, research and innovative practice beckoned us, including the possibility of becoming nurse practitioners.

Forward to the nineties, when Nan's eclectic intellectual interests made her a wise and much appreciated cosupervisor for my PhD. More recently, we maintained friendly if sporadic contact. With her passing, I feel a sense of Loss, gratitude and everlasting respect.

The intent of university...

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