Relationships of capsular polysaccharides belonging to Campylobacter jejuni HS1 serotype complex.

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From: PLoS ONE(Vol. 16, Issue 2)
Publisher: Public Library of Science
Document Type: Report
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The Campylobacter jejuni capsule type HS1 complex is one of the most common serotypes identified worldwide, and consists of strains typing as HS1, HS1/44, HS44 and HS1/8. The capsule structure of the HS1 type strain was shown previously to be composed of teichoic-acid like glycerol-galactosyl phosphate repeats [4-)-[alpha]-D-Galp-(1-2)-Gro-(1-P-] with non-stoichiometric fructose branches at the C2 and C3 of Gal and non-stoichiometric methyl phosphoramidate (MeOPN) modifications on the C3 of the fructose. Here, we demonstrate that the capsule of an HS1/44 strain is identical to that of the type strain of HS1, and the capsule of HS1/8 is also identical to HS1, except for an additional site of MeOPN modification at C6 of Gal. The DNA sequence of the capsule locus of an HS44 strain included an insertion of 10 genes, and the strain expressed two capsules, one identical to the HS1 type strain, but with no fructose branches, and another composed of heptoses and MeOPN. We also characterize a HS1 capsule biosynthesis gene, HS1.08, as a fructose transferase responsible for the attachment of the [beta]-D-fructofuranoses residues at C2 and C3 of the Gal unit. In summary, the common component of all members of the HS1 complex is the teichoic-acid like backbone that is likely responsible for the observed sero-cross reactivity.

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