Hydrocelectomy: Experience with inguinal approach in the adult

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Author: C. Nweze
Date: January-March 2009
From: Nigerian Medical Journal(Vol. 50, Issue 1)
Publisher: Medknow Publications and Media Pvt. Ltd.
Document Type: Report
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Byline: C. Nweze

The usual approach for hydrocelectomy in the adult is the scrotal route. The most troublesome problem following this method is a very discomforting scrotal swelling which creates much difficulty for the patient and the managing surgeon. This problem can be avoided by performing hydrocelectomy with a procedure using the inguinal approach in the adult. Apart from almost eliminating this post-operative problem of scrotal discomfort from marked swelling this method enables inspection, discovering of testicular malignancy and more safely taking appropriate actions on it. It also enables easy inspection, discovery and performance of appropriate actions on any co-existing inguinal hernia.


The usual approach for hydrocelectromy in the adult is the scrotal approach. Most recent articles still describe hydrocelectomy procedures through a scrotal incision. [sup][1],[2],[3],[4] It is a well-known fact that the most troublesome problem following hydrocelectomy is scrotal swelling which lasts for not less than I month and sometimes up to several months. [sup][2] The swelling is usually large, sometimes larger than the original problem, [sup][3] very discomforting and has resulted in scrotal gangrene in some patients who complied poorly to instructions or who have some conditions predisposing to easy development of gangrene.

The scrotal swelling is usually due to a combination of the usually exaggerated inflammatory oedema as a response of the very sensitive scrotal skin to incision and dissection, and accumulation of serosanguinous oozes from the hydrocelectomy site. The dependent disposition of the scrotum assists these two factors in making the scrotal swelling large, very discomforting and difficult to resolve quickly....

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