Living longer living happier: My journey from clinical neurology to complexities of brain

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Date: October-December 2011
From: Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology(Vol. 14, Issue 4)
Publisher: Medknow Publications and Media Pvt. Ltd.
Document Type: Speech
Length: 6,194 words
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Byline: Ashok. Panagariya

The present article is a treatise on the illuminating voyage of a Neurophysician along the fascinating horizons and frontiers of neurosciences. During the career as a clinical neurologist, some very interesting and intriguing cases and issues were dealt with and documented scientifically. The working of the brain and its operational architectonics came up for critical analysis, opening up new vistas in the appreciation and management of various neurological disorders. Issues regarding the working of the mind and the guidelines for health and happiness became apparent, and some very interesting generalizations with far-reaching consequences on the general well-being and health have been formulated and put forward for a healthy and happy future for mankind. A paradigm shift is warranted for a closer and better appreciation of neural dynamics at all levels of the brain, namely microscopic, mesoscopic and macroscopic levels!

Mr. Chairpersons - the distinguished gathering of neurologists, postgraduates, ladies and gentlemen, as I stand here for delivering the prestigious Presidential Oration, I cannot think of anything more than paying regards to the stalwarts in Neurology, my teachers, my colleagues and my postgraduates, who always kept me abreast in the development of neurological sciences . I decided to dwell on an issue that opens up exciting dimensions and realms of science intermingling and espousing the horizons of philosophy on the lines of the fundamentals of patient care based on medicine as a practice of science and art, elaborating the core theme of my discussion on exploring the strength and potential of the brain and mind for health, longevity and happiness.

The Neurologists have a typical history of discussing site and nature of the lesion, going through the phase of the hammer and ophthalmoscope and, finally imaging and electrophysiology. The lucky ones go beyond the mundane and delve into academics and be part of the academic crowd experimenting, observing and documenting their findings in the scientific arena, trying to find answers to the why and how of nature's intriguing and inexplicable phenomena day-in and day-out. To keep myself in this crowd, I too, with my team, published quite a few papers on different neurological diseases. Those which got international prominence were on neuromyotonia, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, isolated unilateral tongue paralysis and low-dose valproate therapy in epilepsy.

Much later, during the 30 years of my professional career as a Neurologist, I witnessed many curious and exciting phenomena, which defied scientific rationale. Many of them could have been anecdotal, but they opened new vistas of research and analysis in the neurological sciences, and I became interested in Neurotheology. The three interacting and intermingling axes that primarily determine the said issues of health and happiness are, namely genetics (including the longitudinal and life style aspects), destiny and the mysteries and resources of the Brain, working on the dictates of Hippocrates' The Natural Healing Power of the Mind . About a decade ago, sometime in 2001-2002, I was invited to the India International Centre, New Delhi, to talk on the alluring and absorbing...

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