Role of green advertisement authenticity in determining customers' pro-environmental behavior.

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From: Business and Society Review(Vol. 126, Issue 2)
Publisher: Wiley Subscription Services, Inc.
Document Type: Report; Brief article
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Keywords: authenticity; confirmatory factor analysis; environmental threat appeals; green advertisement; pro-environmental behavior; structural equation modeling Abstract The present study investigates the impact of advertisement authenticity and the role of various latent variables in determining customers' pro-environmental behavior. Data have been collected from 731 respondents belonging to the North Indian region through a convenience sampling technique. Structural equation modeling technique has been employed to measure the impact of identified dimensions on customers' pro-environmental behavior. The study results validated that pro-environmental behavior is significantly determined by advertisement authenticity, trustworthiness, threat appeal, environmental threat appeals, and perceived severity. The findings further provide substantial insights that validate the use of threat appeal in green advertising, thus enabling the advertisers, marketers, and government agencies to develop robust and effective marketing strategies for promoting the use of eco-friendly products. Byline: Kulwinder Kaur, Vikas Kumar, Amanjot Singh Syan, Yadvinder Parmar

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