A national survey of antibacterial consumption in Sri Lanka.

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From: PLoS ONE(Vol. 16, Issue 9)
Publisher: Public Library of Science
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Introduction Optimizing the use of antibacterial medicines is an accepted strategy to combat the antibacterial resistance. Availability of reliable antibacterial consumption (ABC) data is a prerequisite to implement this strategy. Objectives To quantify and describe the national ABC in Sri Lanka and to examine any differences in the consumption between public and private sector. Methods The methodology for this survey was adapted from World Health Organization (WHO) methodology for a global programme on surveillance of antimicrobial consumption. Aggregate data on national consumption of systemic antibacterials (J01- Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification (ATC) for 2017 were retrospectively extracted from all available data sources and classified using ATC classification. Quantity of consumption was converted to Defined Daily Doses (DDDs). Data are presented as total consumption and comparison between the public and private sector. Selected key quality indicators of ABC were compared between these two sectors. Findings From the available data sources, the total ABC in 2017 was 343.46 million DDDs. Private sector consumption accounted for 246.76 million DDDs compared to 97.96 million DDDs distributed to entire public sector by the Ministry of Health. Beta-lactam-penicillins antibacterial group accounted for 58.79% in public sector compared to 27.48% in private sector while macrolides, quinolones and other beta-lactam antibacterials accounted for 60.51% in the private compared to 28.41% in public sector. Consumption of Reserve group antibacterials was negligible, and limited to private sector. Watch category antibacterials accounted for 46%, 24% and 54% of the total, public and private sector consumption, respectively. Conclusions A disproportionately higher use of broad spectrum and Watch category antibacterials was observed in the private sector which needs further study. This national consumption survey highlights the need and provides the opening for establishment of ABC surveillance in Sri Lanka.

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