Sacrificing the Salmon: A Legal and Policy History of the Decline of the Columbia Basin Salmon

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Date: Spring 2003
From: Environmental Law(Vol. 33, Issue 2)
Publisher: Lewis & Clark Northwestern School of Law
Document Type: Book review
Length: 7,374 words

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On the Columbia, help for the salmon in the courts is ... thrice stunted. Litigators try to push balky agencies into marginal change by asking rigid formalists to pull procedural strings. All works by indirection. The fish can be helped only through the crude tool of an agency. It is like trying to paddle with a broom. The agency can be moved only with the fine threads of procedure. It is like trying to pull a barge with a rope. The procedures will issue only if the judge is so disposed. It is like trying to tempt a mule with a stone. (1)

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