Back to God's future: essays in honor of Ted Peters

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Date: Aug. 2012
From: Currents in Theology and Mission(Vol. 39, Issue 4)
Publisher: Lutheran School of Theology and Mission
Document Type: Column
Length: 745 words
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It is an honor to present this issue of Currents in Theology and Mission as a tribute to the theology and scholarship of our colleague, Ted Peters, who retired this spring from full-time faculty service as Professor of Systematic Theology at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and the Graduate Theological Union. He served in this capacity for more than three decades, and hence has influenced a generation of pastors, professors, and parishioners to realize that God's work in the world can be most fruitfully understood as a creative interaction between theology and science--philosophically, methodologically, and pastorally. In the essays that follow, we invite you to consider the array of implications for life and ministry that flow from Ted's own insight that "all things gain their being and their meaning, not from their moment of origin, but from their place in the new creation." (1)

Michael Aune's essay considers Peters' correlational theology in contrast to what has been called a theology of retrieval or a theology of interruption. Such a contrast, Aune argues, contributes to a more robust and, hence, more definite christological and particular content for our...

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