The relationship between business performance, corporate social responsibility, and innovation capital: A case study of Taiwan.

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Date: Mar. 2021
From: Managerial & Decision Economics(Vol. 42, Issue 2)
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Document Type: Case study; Brief article
Length: 104 words

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This study investigates the relationship of innovation capital and corporate social responsibility (CSR) with business performance. The sample is from 33 manufacturing companies that won the 2016 Corporate Citizenship Award of CommonWealth Magazine. Empirical analysis result shows that the average technical efficiency (TE) of the 33 corporate citizens is 0.835. Among companies, nine companies are relatively efficient, 24 companies are in scale inefficiency, and 20 companies are in mixed inefficiency. The relationship between the CSR total score and TE fails to reach a significant level, reflecting no significant association between the CSR total score evaluation result and TE value. Byline: Fu-Chiang Chen, Imen Tebourbi

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