Traditional application of the plants, (fence and fuel wood), used in Leepa Valley, Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir

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Fuel and fence wood species of Leepa Valley, Muzaffarabad has been recorded during field survey. The share of trees and shrubs was 17spp. and 14 spp. respectively, which belongs to 27 genera of 19 families. Fuel wood is used for cooking, warming and lightening purposes. The main supply of fuel wood is from Aesculus indica, Taxus wallichinana, Cedrus deodara, Pinus wallichinana, Picea smithiana, Betula utilis and Juglans regia. These tree species have good burn quality. Huge amount of fuel wood from Taxus wallichinana Aesculus indica, Cedrus deodara and Pinus wallichinana can be seen stored in houses for the months of November to April. These months are snowy and wood collection is not possible for the people due to snow fall. Storage of fuel wood is culturally important due to bad weather or insufficient resources and funds. . Plant species having thorn, species and branches are preferred for fencing. Some of these plants are grown around the field permanently as living fence. Some are harvested and temporarily placed as a barrier. Key words:

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