The interaction between peripheral and central fatigue at different muscle temperatures during sustained isometric contractions

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Date: Aug. 2015
Publisher: American Physiological Society
Document Type: Author abstract
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Changes in central fatigue have been linked to active and passive changes in core temperature, as well as integration of sensory feedback from thermoreceptors in the skin. However, the effects of muscle temperature ([T.sub.m]), and thereby metaboreceptor and local afferent nerve temperature, on central fatigue (measured using voluntary activation percentage) during sustained, high muscle fatigue exercise remain unexamined. In this study, we investigated [T.sub.m] across the range of cold to hot, and its effect on voluntary activation percentage during sustained isometric contractions of the knee extensors. The results suggest that contrary to brief contractions, during a sustained fatiguing contraction [T.sub.m] significantly (P afferent feedback; limb discomfort; exercise regulation; sensory integration; central control doi: 10.1152/ajpregu.00061.2015.

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