Observations on CO[sub]2 laser preparation of recipient site for noncultured cell suspension transplantation in vitiligo

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Byline: Lisa. Komen, Charlotte. Vrijman, J. Wietze van der Veen, Menno. de Rie, Albert. Wolkerstorfer

Dear Editor,

With interest, we read the review of Al-Hadidi et al . on the role of recipient site preparation techniques in the surgical management of vitiligo.[sup][1] We agree with the conclusion that lasers are effective and valuable tools in the preparation of recipient sites. However, optimal laser settings and ablation depth are not known. We present two vitiligo patients where we observed that more superficial ablation of the recipient site in combination with noncultured autologous cell suspension transplantation (CST) can also be effective. We treated a 33-year-old woman (patient 1) and a 74-year-old man (patient 2), with stable nonsegmental vitiligo lesions on the legs. The cellular suspension was processed from a 1 cm x 1.5 cm to 0.2–0.3 mm thick split-thickness biopsy using a ReCell [sup][R] kit [sup][2] (Avita Medical, Cambridge, UK). The recipient site was prepared with a 10,600 nm CO[sub]2 laser (Ultrapulse Encore, Active FX scanner, Lumenis, Santa Clara, CA, USA). In both...

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