Age-Stratified Analysis of Vaginal Microbiota Dysbiosis and the Relationship with HPV Viral Load in HPV-Positive Women.

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Date: July 27, 2022
Publisher: Hindawi Limited
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Objective. This study evaluated the distribution of vaginal microbiota dysbiosis and the association with HPV viral load test in high-risk HPV-positive women before and after 50 years old. Methods. For this cross-sectional study, 388 HPV-positive women prior to referral to colposcopy in Peking University Peoples' Hospital were included and classified as younger than 50 years (n=307) and aged 50 years or older (n=81), midvagina bacterial community composition was characterized by FlashDetect™ MAX vaginal microbe detection kit, and BMRT-HPV reported type-specific viral loads/10,000 cells. Results. The community state type (CST) IV was the most common CST occurring in 148 women (38.1%). The proportion of CST IV in those aged 50 years or older was significantly higher than those younger than 50 years (women) (66.7% vs. 30.6%); the difference was statistically significant (

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