Energy cost and energy sources during a simulated firefighting activity

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Perroni, F, Tessitore, A, Cortis, C, Lupo, C, D'Artibale, E, Cignitti, L, and Capranica, L. Energy cost and energy sources during a simulated firefighting activity. J Strength Cond Res 24(12): 3457-3463, 2010--This study aimed to 1) analyze the energy requirement ([??][O.sub.2]eq) and the contribution of the aerobic ([??][O.sub.2]ex), anaerobic alactic ([??][O.sub.2]al), and anaerobic lactic ([??][O.sub.2]2la--) energy sources of a simulated intervention; 2) ascertain differences in mean [??][O.sub.2] and heart rate (HR) during firefighting tasks; and 3) verify the relationship between time of job completion and the fitness level of firefighters. Twenty Italian firefighters (age = 32 [+ or -] 6 yr, [??][O.sub.2]peak = 43.1 [+ or -] 4.9 mL x [kg.sup.-1] x [min.sup.-1]) performed 4 consecutive tasks (i.e., child rescue; 250-m run; find an exit; 250-m run) that required a [??][O.sub.2]eq of 406.26 [+ or -] 73.91 mL x [kg.sup.-1] ([??][O.sub.2]ex-- 86 [+ or -] 5%; [??][O.sub.2]al = 9 [+ or -] 3%; [??][O.sub.2]la- = 5 [+ or -] 3%). After 30 minutes, the recovery HR (108 [+ or -] 15 beats x [min.sup.-1]) and [??][O.sub.2] (8.86-+2.67mL x [kg.sup.-1] x [min.sup.-1]) were higher (p KEY WORDS aerobic metabolism, anaerobic alactic metabolism, anaerobic lactic metabolism, job performance

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