PCR Detection of HHV8 DNA in the Saliva of Removable Denture Wearers Compared to Dentate Cases in Shiraz, South of Iran.

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Background and aim. Removable dentures may act as reservoir for pathogens that can cause serious infections. Human herpesvirus 8 (HHV8) is an oncogenic virus that was found in the saliva more than genital secretions. Thus, this study was designed to evaluate HHV8 in the saliva of patients with removable dentures. Method and material. In this cross-sectional study from March-July 2019, saliva samples were collected from 50 denture wearers as a case group and 50 ages and gender matched dentate subjects as a control. Whole-mouth saliva, parotid saliva, buccal, and palatal exfoliates were collected and processed for HHV8-DNA amplification by nested PCR. A confirmatory real-time PCR was also performed in order to prevent false result. Result. In the denture wearers, HHV8 DNA was detected in 11 cases. Two of the controls amplified HHV8 DNA. Fisher's exact test demonstrates a significant difference between virus infection and using removable dentures (p = 0.015). Conclusion. Our findings suggested that HHV8 detection could be associated with use of denture.

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