A Novel Low-Cost, High-Resolution Camera System for Measuring Peat Subsidence and Water Table Dynamics.

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Publisher: Frontiers Research Foundation
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Author(s): Chris D. Evans, Nathan Callaghan, Adi Jaya, Alistair Grinham, Sofie Sjogersten, Susan E. Page, Mark E. Harrison, Kitso Kusin, Lip Khoon Kho, Martha Ledger, Stephanie Evers, Zak Mitchell, Jennifer Williamson, Alan D. Radbourne, A. Jonay Jovani-Sancho

Peatlands are highly dynamic systems, able to accumulate carbon over millennia under natural conditions, but susceptible to rapid subsidence and carbon loss when drained. Short-term, seasonal and long-term peat surface elevation changes are closely linked to key peatland attributes such as water table depth (WTD) and carbon balance, and may be measured remotely using satellite radar and LiDAR methods. However, field measurements of peat elevation change are...

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