Presurgical Screening Improves Risk Prediction for Delirium in Elective Surgery of Older Patients: The PAWEL RISK Study.

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Author(s): Eschweiler, Gerhard W., Czornik, Manuel, Herrmann, Matthias L., Knauer, Yvonne P., Forkavets, Oksana, von Arnim, Christine A. F., Denkinger, Michael, Küster, Olivia, Conzelmann, Lars, Metz, Brigitte R., Maurer, Christoph, Kentischer, Felix, Deeken, Friederike, Sánchez, Alba, Wagner, Sören, Mennig, Eva, Thomas, Christine, Rapp, Michael A.

Introduction: The number of elective surgeries in patients over 70 years is continuously growing. At the same time, postoperative delirium (POD) is common in older patients (5-60%) depending on predisposing risk factors such as multimorbidity, cerebral disease or cognitive state and precipitating factors such as duration of surgery. Knowledge about individual risk profiles prior to elective surgery may help to identify patients...

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