NO EARTHLY POLE: The search for the truth about the Franklin expedition 1845.

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Author: Jonathan Dore
Date: Apr. 2, 2021
From: TLS. Times Literary Supplement(Issue 6157)
Publisher: NI Syndication Limited
Document Type: Book review
Length: 435 words
Lexile Measure: 1470L

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The search for the truth about the Franklin expedition 1845


369pp. Amberley. 25 [pounds sterling].

Every field has its contrarians, and among writers on the history of Arctic exploration no one occupies that role with more self-evident relish than Ernest Coleman. He is a former Royal Navy officer, and if a man could be said to channel an institution, this book is surely what that would look like.

From 1990 to 1995 he organized four expeditions to King William Island in the Canadian Arctic, where the tragic demise of Sir John Franklin's last expedition unfolded between the autumn of 1846, and the...

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