Chronic low protein intake reduces tissue protein synthesis in a pig model of protein malnutrition

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From: The Journal of Nutrition(Vol. 126, Issue 5)
Publisher: American Institute of Nutrition
Document Type: Article
Length: 235 words

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To determine the effect of severe chronic protein' deficiency on protein synthesis in different tissues and total protein in plasma, and on plasma biochemical constituents involved in amino acid metabolism, we fed diets containing either 20 or 3% protein to two groups of four age-matched piglets. After consuming the diets for 8 wk, the pigs received a primed-constant infusion of 2[H.sub.3]-leucine for 8 h to measure the fractional synthesis rates (FSR) of tissue protein and total protein in plasma. Plasma urea and amino acid concentrations, particularly indispensable amino acids, were significantly lower in protein-deficient pigs. Fractional protein synthesis rates were lower in skin by 66% (P INDEXING KEY WORDS: * protein deficiency * tissue protein synthesis * stable isotope * pigs

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