Sensitivity-Enhanced Four-Dimensional Amide-Amide Correlation NMR Experiments for Sequential Assignment of Proline-Rich Disordered Proteins

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From: Journal of the American Chemical Society(Vol. 140, Issue 10)
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Document Type: Report
Length: 69 words

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The article proposes new sensitivity-enhanced 4D NMR experiments which correlate two pairs of amide resonances which are either consecutive (NHi-1, NHi) or flanking a proline at position i-1 (NHi-2, NHi). The maximum 2-fold enhancement of sensitivity is achieved by employing two coherence order-selective (COS) transfers incorporated unconventionally into the pulse sequence.When this method is applied to the proline-rich region of B cell adaptor protein SLP-65 (pH 6.0) and alpha-synuclein.

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