The effects of prolonged sitting, prolonged standing, and activity breaks on vascular function, and postprandial glucose and insulin responses: A randomised crossover trial

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From: PLoS ONE(Vol. 16, Issue 1)
Publisher: Public Library of Science
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The objective of this study was to compare acute effects of prolonged sitting, prolonged standing and sitting interrupted with regular activity breaks on vascular function and postprandial glucose metabolism. In a randomized cross-over trial, 18 adults completed: 1. Prolonged Sitting; 2. Prolonged Standing and 3. Sitting with 2-min walking (5 km/h, 10% incline) every 30 min (Regular Activity Breaks). Flow mediated dilation (FMD) was measured in the popliteal artery at baseline and 6 h. Popliteal artery hemodynamics, and postprandial plasma glucose and insulin were measured over 6 h. Neither raw nor allometrically-scaled FMD showed an intervention effect (p = 0.285 and 0.159 respectively). Compared to Prolonged Sitting, Regular Activity Breaks increased blood flow (overall effect of intervention p

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