A healing-killing conflict in military research?

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Author: Michael Frisina
Date: September-October 1989
From: The Hastings Center Report(Vol. 19, Issue 5)
Publisher: Hastings Center
Document Type: Article
Length: 616 words

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The history of war is replete with examples of suffering endured by soldiers ravaged with disease. Even during our involvement in Vietnam, endemic diseases were the single greatest cause Of morbidity among U.S. soldiers.

To cope with the threats of endemic disease and biological weapons, the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) conducts basic studies related to medical defense against worldwide, naturally occurring infectious diseases that require high laboratory containment and to medical defense against potential biological warfare agents.

The focus of USAMRIID's biomedical research is the development of both preventive and therapeutic measures. Preventive research measures, including vaccines and toxoids as well as prophylactic drugs, attempt to enhance the combat effectiveness of deployed U.S. forces who face either a risk of endemic disease or a threat of the use of biological agents by an adversary.

Presently, USAMRIID is conducting a preventive vaccine trial as a cooperative effort between the Argentine...

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