A Mitochondria-Specific Fluorescent Probe for Visualizing Endogenous Hydrogen Cyanide Fluctuations in Neurons

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Date: Feb. 7, 2018
From: Journal of the American Chemical Society(Vol. 140, Issue 5)
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Document Type: Report
Length: 78 words

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The article reports a mitochondria-specific coumarin pyrrolidinium-derived fluorescence probe (MRP1) which permits the real-time ratiometric imaging of HCN in living cells. Probe MRP1 contains a benzyl chloride subunit designed to enhance retention within the mitochondria under conditions where the mitochondria membrane potential is eliminated. It has proved effective in visualizing different concentrations of exogenous HCN in the mitochondria of HepG2 cells, as well as the imaging of endogenous HCN in the mitochondria of PC12 cells and within neurons.

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