WHAT LED TO THE BOOM? Unpacking China's Development Cooperation in Latin America/?Que razones han llevado al auge? Desempacando la cooperacion al desarrollo de China en America Latina.

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Date: Winter 2019
From: World Affairs(Vol. 182, Issue 4)
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc.
Document Type: Article
Length: 9,637 words
Lexile Measure: 1550L

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What led to the boom of Chinese development cooperation in Latin America ? This article provides a systematic analysis of China's foreign behavior, motives, and policies regarding development cooperation toward the region between 2000 and 2014. I propose a comparative framework that defines Chinese development cooperation as a tool of economic diplomacy. Drawing on empirical evidence from AidData's Global Chinese Official Finance Dataset and Chinese white papers on foreign aid, the findings evidence that China was motivated by multiple and conjunctural factors in providing development cooperation. In the realm of theory, the article contributes to the literature on economic statecraft--filling in gaps in understanding the relationship between economics and politics. Empirically, it provides a set of tools for understanding the important role that development cooperation plays in a nation's statecraft. Regarding Chinese foreign policy studies, it offers insight into the financial dimension of China's international economic relations.

Keywords: Chinese Economic Statecraft, China, Latin America, Economic Diplomacy, Development Cooperation, Foreign Aid, Development Finance, International Political Economy.

?Que razones han llevado al auge de la cooperacion al desarrollo de China en America Latina? Este articulo brinda un analisis sistematico del comportamiento externo de China, sus motivaciones y politicas en el campo de la cooperacion al desarrollo con la region entre 2000 y 2014. Para ello, se propone un marco de analisis comparado que entiende a la cooperacion al desarrollo de China como una herramienta de diplomacia economica. Basandose en la evidencia empirica proveniente de base de datos de Finanzas Oficiales Chinas de AidData asi como de los documentos blancos sobre la Ayuda del gobierno chino, los hallazgos demuestran que China hace uso de la cooperacion al desarrollo motivada por multiples factores coyunturales. Desde el punto de vista teorico, el articulo contribuye a la literatura sobre diplomacia economica, intentando cubrir parcialmente la vacante de estudios sobre la relacion entre politica y economia. En el plano empirico, provee un conjunto de herramientas para entender el importante rol que la cooperacion al desarrollo tiene en la influencia internacional de los paises. En lo que respecta a los estudios sobre politica exterior china, se ofrece una aproximacion a la dimension financiera de China en sus relaciones economicas internacionales.

Palabras clave: Decisiones de estado sobre la economia, China, America Latina, Diplomacia economica, Cooperacion y desarrollo, Economia politica internacional.

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Since its World Trade Organization (WTO) accession, China has increased its economic diplomacy (ED) activity in the Latin American region involving several economic fields ranging from investment, trade, aid, and finance. It turned out to be crucial to the development of the "Go Global" strategy as a natural extension of the "Going out" policy in 2000, which totally transformed the landscape of China's foreign policy and its ED. The actions of two key groups of domestic actors in China were particularly relevant: the international expansion of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), and the increasing finance support from state-owned banks (SOBs). This led to a dramatic boom in loans, grants, and export credits toward Latin American countries to over...

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