EPA reports record enforcement and compliance assistance results for FY 2001. (Legal Issues)

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Date: Feb. 2002
From: Hazardous Waste Consultant(Vol. 20, Issue 2)
Publisher: Aspen Publishers, Inc.
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On January 31, 2002, EPA released a document entitled "U.S. EPA FY 2001 Enforcement and Compliance Results," which presents data on the agency's enforcement and compliance assistance results for fiscal year (FY) 2001. The data show that, compared to FY 2000, injunctive relief assessments increased by 72%, civil judicial penalties increased by 85.2%, and the imposition of prison sentences on criminal violators increased by 75.3%. In addition, the agency provided compliance assistance to more than 1 million individuals during FY 2001.

According to EPA Administrator Christie Whitman, "The Administration is determined to actively pursue those who fail to comply with the law while working closely with the regulated community to find workable and flexible solutions." Major priorities that the agency focused on during FY 2001 include:

* Compliance by permit evaders, and those violating RCRA hazardous waste regulations;

* Compliance with Clean Air Act new source review/prevention of significant deterioration rules; and

* Regulations governing the protection of drinking water and illegal discharges from combined and sanitary sewer outflows and animal feeding operations.

Enforcement Results

A summary of EPA's FY 2001 enforcement statistics is presented in Table 1. Where available, FY 2000 data are given, and a comparison between the two years is presented....

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