ABO blood group and gastric cancer: rekindling an old fire?

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From: Southern Medical Journal(Vol. 100, Issue 7)
Publisher: Southern Medical Association
Document Type: Letter to the editor
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To the Editor: Numerous reports have pointed to an increased prevalence of blood type A in patients with gastric cancer. Aird et al (1) were the first to study ABO blood groups in a large number of patients with gastric cancer, noting an excess of group A, and a deficiency of group O, in comparison with control patients. Subsequently, at least 77 controlled series have been published; in 55 of these, cancer patients had an excess of group A, in 14 a slight predominance of group A, in only 2 a deficiency of group A. (2) In a recent study aiming at the study of the association of gastroduodenal disease phenotype with ABO blood group and Helicobacter pylori virulence genes, we noted a higher prevalence of blood group A in patients with gastric malignancy than in a control group of healthy blood donors [47.6% versus 25%, P = 0.037; RR = 2.73 (1.04-7.16; 95% CI)]. (3) Based on these findings, we conducted a retrospective study to investigate this putative...

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