Identification and Immune Assessment of T Cell Epitopes in Five Plasmodium falciparum Blood Stage Antigens to Facilitate Vaccine Candidate Selection and Optimization.

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Author(s): Kotraiah, Vinayaka, Phares, Timothy W., Terry, Frances E., Hindocha, Pooja, Silk, Sarah E., Nielsen, Carolyn M., Moise, Leonard, Tucker, Kenneth D., Ashfield, Rebecca, Martin, William D., De Groot, Anne S., Draper, Simon J., Gutierrez, Gabriel M., Noe, Amy R.

The hurdles to effective blood stage malaria vaccine design include immune evasion tactics used by the parasite such as redundant invasion pathways and antigen variation among circulating parasite strains. While blood stage malaria vaccine development primarily focuses on eliciting optimal humoral responses capable of blocking erythrocyte invasion, clinically-tested Plasmodium falciparum (Pf) vaccines have not elicited sterile protection, in part due to the dramatically high...

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