Dosimetric evaluation of MobiusFX in the RapidArc delivery quality assurance comparing with 3DVH

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From: PLoS ONE(Vol. 12, Issue 8)
Publisher: Public Library of Science
Document Type: Report
Length: 4,479 words
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The dosimetric characteristics of MobiusFX, which uses the treatment machine log file to calculate the dose inside the patient body, were analyzed for use in the RapidArc delivery quality assurance (DQA) process. The accuracy and usefulness of MobiusFX in clinical cases was evaluated by comparing the dose calculated by MobiusFX with that calculated by the conventional measurement dose based program, 3DVH. The results of gamma evaluation with three different criteria (3%-3 mm, 4%-3 mm, 5%-3 mm) were analyzed, and the dose changes were calculated while simulating variable position errors (6 mm, 3 mm) and dosimetric output increases (6%, 3%). Although the doses calculated by each tool were not identical due to differences in the calculation algorithms, the doses calculated by MobiusFX were generally similar to those calculated by 3DVH. Based on these results, MobiusFX exhibited the required accuracy for clinical application. However, it could not determine the dosimetric output variation. It should therefore be considered a supplementary DQA tool that can verify the error in the daily treatment process, but not an ideal DQA tool that can replace conventional measurement based DQA methods.

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