An investigation on wireless sensor networks pipeline monitoring system

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To purchase or authenticate to the full-text of this article, please visit this link: Byline: Maroua Abdelhafidh, Mohamed Fourati, Lamia Chaari Fourati, Amor Laabidi The Pipeline Monitoring Systems (PMS) have been appeared as an interesting research area that should be deeply studied. Accordingly, the pipelines in industrial and critical domains must be permanently supervised to guarantee their continuous functionality and to offer a comprehensive fluid distribution system. Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technology is the most suitable technique to detect and to localise anomalies in pipelines. This is enabled by the intelligent sensors that establish an efficient pipeline data collection and streaming and the real-time system reaction in case of failure detection. In this survey, we give a holistic view of WSN-PMS based on recent state of the art. We present the taxonomy for WSN-PMS in which we detail their specifications and address their challenges to enhance their real deployment. We review the different WSN-based pipeline leak detection methods and discuss their accuracy and effectiveness level to give depth knowledge on WSN-PMS.

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