Nonsurgical Clinical Management of Periapical Lesions Using Calcium Hydroxide-Iodoform-Silicon-Oil Paste.

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Background. The study aim is to avoid tooth extraction by nonsurgical treatment of periapical lesion. It assesses healing progress in response to calcium hydroxide-iodoform-silicon oil paste (CHISP). Numeric Pain Rating Scale was used to validate the approach. Furthermore, CHISP was used to treat cystic lesions secondary to posttraumatic avulsion of permanent teeth. Materials and Methods. Over 200 patients with radicular cysts were treated with CHISP through the root canal. Radiographs were used to verify lesion size and position, ensure correct delivery to the site, and monitor the progress of bone healing in the lesion area. Ten males and 10 females were randomly selected for statistical assessment. Results. No severe pain, complications, or failure in cyst healing was reported. Complete healing was achieved in an average of 75 days. Furthermore, healing of radicular cyst secondary to posttraumatic tooth avulsion was successful. Conclusion. CHISP indicated an antiseptic effect, which enhanced and shortened healing time of periapical lesions. The less invasive procedure avoids tooth extraction and reduces bone resorption. Cyst management with CHISP can remedy failed root canal treatments. The results show a bone regenerative capacity of CHISP suggested in first rapid phase and a second slow phase.

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