Hydropeaking by Small Hydropower Facilities Affects Flow Regimes on Tributaries to the Pantanal Wetland of Brazil.

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Publisher: Frontiers Research Foundation
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Author(s): Juliane Stella M. C. de Figueiredo, Ibraim Fantin-Cruz, Geovanna Mikaelle S. Silva, Renato Leandro Beregula, Pierre Girard, Peter Zeilhofer, Eduardo Morgan Uliana, Eduardo Beraldo de Morais, Hans M. Tritico, Stephen K. Hamilton

Hydroelectric facilities often release water at variable rates over the day to match electricity demand, resulting in short-term variability in downstream discharge and water levels. This sub-daily variability, known as hydropeaking, has mostly been studied at large facilities. The ongoing global proliferation of small hydropower (SHP) facilities, which in Brazil are defined as having installed capacities between 5 and 30 MW, raises the question of how these...

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