Mediterranean symposium in thoracic surgery: opening lectures

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Date: Jan. 2015
From: Future Oncology(Vol. 11, Issue 2s)
Publisher: Future Medicine Ltd.
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Author(s): Giacomo Pignataro aff1 , Francesco Basile aff2 , Marcello Migliore [*] aff3

Giacomo Pignataro, rector of the University of Catania

It is with great pleasure that I accepted to introduce this important symposium on lung metastasectomy. There are several reasons that I would like to address in this short introduction.

In the era of global financial crisis in all Europe, including the universities, our response is to guarantee that the investments done are widely used to empower our next generation of researchers and, above all, to implement the benefits of patients in the healthcare system.

Furthermore, the link between universities and medical companies will be of a paramount importance, in order to organize important meetings like this one, that could serve as a flywheel to invest in research projects.

Academia in medicine is the balance between excellence in clinical service, education and research. If the mission of academic medical centers remains confused with the activities in support of the mission, academic medicine is in danger of perpetuating an inefficient system and ultimately a confusing set of goals.

The main error of our system is that responsibility for education and research is given to the academic surgeons or physicians and the clinical service to the nonacademic resources. Politicians seem, in fact, to ignore how difficult is to perform excellent research without excellence in clinical practice.

Moreover, it is not justified that still today young students from our island are not satisfied with this education system, and consequently, are forced to move somewhere else. There is no doubt that a country remains culturally poor, once losing its better resources.

Also, we are fully aware that a society that does not accept innovation will die, when compared with the rest of the world, which is moving toward a better healthcare system. It is therefore our responsibility to create a better future for our young students, making progresses to create an ethical environment, so that their dreams may come true in Sicily.

This week (31 March-5 April 2014) in Catania is the Erasmus "Scientific International Week" and we are proud to organize this important symposium on an argument of social interest, such as lung metastases. It is with all my heart that I wish all of you a fruitful working day.

Francesco Basile, chief of the School of Medicine

As chief of the School in Medicine and Surgery of the University of Catania, I am happy to give the opening speech at this important symposium. First of all, I want to give to our international and national speakers a warm welcome, especially to Professor Tom Treasure from the University College of London for his immense contribution to the success of this meeting, and to Professor Laureano Molins of the Sacre Cor Hospital of the University of Barcellona and Professor Dirk Van Raemdonck of Catholic University of Leuven. Among eminent Italian thoracic surgeons we have been blessed with the participation of Professor Caterina Casadio from Turin and Professor Mineo...

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