The Surprising Success of C. R. Maturin's Bertram: A Collaboration with Scott, Byron, Kean, and Murray.

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Author: Jae Young Park
Date: Spring 2022
Publisher: University of Texas at Austin (University of Texas Press)
Document Type: Report; Critical essay
Length: 9,164 words
Lexile Measure: 1640L

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KEYWORDS: Bertram, Charles Robert Matuiin, Kean, Byron, Scott, John Murray, collaboration Though the Romantics celebrated the idea of the author as an individual genius, the great success of Bertram in the London theatrical world of the 1810s was due to a collaborative effort This study examines the collaborators' roles in this success: writers Scott and Byron, who saw the potential in Bertram; actor Kean, who realized the role of Bertram; and publisher Murray, who saw the potential for the play's success in print. All of them together made the success of Bertram possible.

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