Taxes and Business Strategy: A Planning Approach. (Book Reviews)

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Author: Margaret Reed
Date: Nov. 2002
From: Issues in Accounting Education(Vol. 17, Issue 4)
Publisher: American Accounting Association
Document Type: Book review
Length: 516 words

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MYRON S. SCHOLES, MARK A. WOLFSON, MERLE ERICKSON, EDWARD L. MAYDEW, and TERRY SHEVLIN, Taxes and Business Strategy: A Planning Approach, Second Edition (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, Inc., 2002, pp. xxiv, 515).

Taxes and Business Strategy: A Planning Approach, Second Edition, is the long-awaited revision to a unique offering among tax treatises. The first edition, authored by Scholes and Wolfson, was a breakthrough, first because it applied a microeconomic approach to tax planning, and second because it made tax analysis interesting to the general businessperson. The second edition continues and improves on that tradition, while providing a much-needed technical update and reorganization of the text. The text is suitable for an advanced elective course in taxation for M.B.A. or graduate tax students. Undergraduate students are likely to...

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