Vertical Distribution of Bacterial Community in Water Columns of Reservoirs With Different Trophic Conditions During Thermal Stratification.

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Date: Apr. 9, 2021
Publisher: Frontiers Research Foundation
Document Type: Article
Length: 441 words
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Author(s): Yihong Yue, Ling Cai, Yi Tang, Yuanyuan Zhang, Ming Yang, Fushun Wang

Water eutrophication is a global ecological issue, and thermal stratification of water bodies can enable eutrophication. We examined bacterial communities in the stratified water columns and sediments in two different trophic reservoirs along the Wujiang River using quantitative real-time PCR and high-throughput sequencing. Bacterial 16S rRNA gene copies varied from 3.70 à 10<sup>7</sup> to 5.27 à 10<sup>8</sup> copies/L in the water column of Hongjiadu (HJD) Reservoir (60 m water depth) with slightly stratified variation; while in Wujiangdu (WJD) Reservoir (70 m water depth), bacterial abundance decreased markedly from the surface to the bottom(1.74 à 10<sup>9</sup> to 2.38...

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