Investigation of temperature at tool-chip interface in turning using two-color pyrometer

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Publisher: American Society of Mechanical Engineers
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A technique for measuring temperature at the interface between a cutting tool and a chip is developed. A two-color pyrometer with fused fiber coupler is applied to the temperature measurement of the tool-chip interface in dry and wet turning. By using this pyrometer, it is possible to measure the temperature of a very small object without emissivity affecting the results. A translucent alumina sintered under HIP is used as the cutting tool, and an annealed carbon steel AIS1 1045 is used as the workpiece. Water-soluble coolant is introduced onto the rake surface of the tool. The technique developed is suitable for measuring temperature at tool-chip interface, either in dry or wet cutting conditions. The effect of coolant on the temperature is small, since temperature reduction is only about 3 percent compared with the temperature in dry cutting. The temperature distributions on the cutting tool and the work material are analyzed using the finite element method. Good agreement is obtained between the analytical results and experimental ones. [DOI: 10.1115/1.1455641]

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