Sigma54, a vital protein for Myxococcus xanthus

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Date: Mar. 4, 1997
Publisher: National Academy of Sciences
Document Type: Article
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The rpoN gene encoding the transcription factor [[Sigma].sup.54] in Myxococcus xanthus has been cloned using a heterologous rpoN probe. The sequence of the cross-hybridizing DNA confirmed the existence of an ORF 1518 bp long that encodes a well conserved member of the [[Sigma].sup.54] family of [Sigma] factors. Low- as well as high-stringency hybridizations detected only a single rpoN gene in the M. xanthus chromosome. ln other bacteria, [[Sigma].sup.54] is an alternative [Sigma], and null mutants are viable. However, all attempts to construct a strain containing a null mutation in the M. xanthus rpoN have been unsuccessful. Partial diploids of [rpoN.sup.+]/rpoN null are viable. Recombination experiments with such partial diploids showed the impossibility of constructing, either by segregation or by transduction, a viable null haploid under any of a wide range of growth conditions. The product of the rpoN gene, [[Sigma].sup.54], therefore appears to be essential for growth in M. xanthus.

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