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Author: Scott Jenkins
Date: Mar. 2014
From: Chemical Engineering(Vol. 121, Issue 3)
Publisher: Access Intelligence, LLC
Document Type: Article
Length: 559 words
Lexile Measure: 1120L

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Effective level measurement in the chemical process industries (CPI) helps maintain material inventory at economic quantities, improves product quality and maximizes plant output by avoiding spills and process upsets. When they are incorrectly matched to their application, level-measurement devices can contribute to lower quality and poorer process consistency. No single level-measurement technology is suitable for all applications. This column provides information about level measurement technologies and guidance for choosing the most accurate and effective device for an application.

Technology approaches

The technology used by level measurement devices can broadly be divided in multiple ways. One method is to think about them as point-level versus continuous-monitoring devices, and another way is to classify them as either contact or non-contact devices. Point versus continuous. Point-level detection is mainly conducted by liquid-level switches. These switches or liquid-level gages are designed for controlling...

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