RavenR v2.1.4: an open-source R package to support flexible hydrologic modelling.

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From: Geoscientific Model Development(Vol. 15, Issue 18)
Publisher: Copernicus GmbH
Document Type: Brief article
Length: 273 words

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In recent decades, advances in the flexibility and complexity of hydrologic models have enhanced their utility in scientific studies and practice alike. However, the increasing complexity of these tools leads to a number of challenges, including steep learning curves for new users and issues regarding the reproducibility of modelling studies. Here, we present the RavenR package, an R package that leverages the power of scripting to both enhance the usability of the Raven hydrologic modelling framework and provide complementary analyses that are useful for modellers. The RavenR package contains functions that may be useful in each step of the model-building process, particularly for preparing input files and analyzing model outputs. The utility of the RavenR package is demonstrated with the presentation of six use cases for a model of the Liard River basin in Canada. These use cases provide examples of visually reviewing the model configuration, preparing input files for observation and forcing data, simplifying the model discretization, performing realism checks on the model output, and evaluating the performance of the model. All of the use cases are fully reproducible, with additional reproducible examples of RavenR functions included with the package distribution itself. It is anticipated that the RavenR package will continue to evolve with the Raven project and will provide a useful tool to new and experienced users of Raven alike.

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