French Actors and the Hollywood Studio System: The Case of Ketti Gallian, 1934-1937.

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Date: Spring 2021
From: Film History(Vol. 33, Issue 1)
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Document Type: Article
Length: 20,043 words
Lexile Measure: 1510L

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Almost completely forgotten today, Ketti Gallian was a young French actress who made four films in Hollywood in the mid-1930s, playing the female lead opposite Spencer Tracy and Warner Baxter in two of them. Gallian's example is rare in that she was a virtual unknown within the film community in France when she signed a Hollywood contract. Once enmeshed in the machinery of the studio system, she found ways to resist its myriad constraints but ultimately failed to realize her ambitions, a victim of studio mismanagement and, especially, linguistic insecurity, which undermined her onscreen performance and marketability--a problem also faced by some of her better-known compatriots in Hollywood. KEWORDS: Annabella, Charles Boyer, Maurice Chevalier, Danielle Darrieux, Hollywood, Jean Gabin, Ketti Gallian, language, publicity, Simone Simon, studio system, Twentieth Century-Fox

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