Proposal of a unique index for selection of optimum phase change material for effective thermal performance of a building envelope.

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From: Solar Energy(Vol. 218)
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Keywords Selection of PCM; Measure of Key Response (MKR) index; PCM integrated roof; Total heat gain reduction; Climatic zones Highlights * The selection of optimum PCM for building application for different climatic zones is carried out. * Based on main key responses, a new term is proposed i.e. Measure of Key Response index (MKR index). * Seven commercially available PCMs are considered. * It is recommended to use PCMs FS 28 and HS 29 for effective thermal performance of PCM integrated roof in India. Abstract Phase change material (PCM) shows excellent potential to prevent heat gain and reduce the cooling load of buildings. However, the selection of suitable PCM for a given climatic condition becomes important for the effective thermal performance of the building envelope. In the present work, based on the key thermal responses i.e. total heat gain, time lag, and decrement factor, a new Measure of Key Response index (MKR index) is introduced that is used as an evaluation criterion for selecting a suitable PCM for building envelope. For the same, a numerical analysis is carried out for seven cities representing different climatic zones of India during the six months of the summer season from March to August. Seven commercially available PCMs are considered for the analysis. The most suitable PCM for each city is determined based on the MKR index. The results indicated that the selection of suitable PCM can lead to a more than 50% reduction of total heat gain for all seven cities. Author Affiliation: Mechanical Engineering Department, Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat, Gujarat 395007, India * Corresponding author. Article History: Received 28 June 2020; Revised 4 February 2021; Accepted 5 February 2021 Byline: Dnyandip K. Bhamare, Manish K. Rathod [] (*), Jyotirmay Banerjee

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