Cortinarius subsalor and C. tibeticisalor spp. nov., two new species from the section Delibuti from China.

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From: PeerJ(Vol. 9)
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Cortinarius subsalor and C. tibeticisalor, belonging to the section Delibuti, are described from China as new to science. Cortinarius subsalor has been found to be associated with Lithocarpus trees in subtropical China and resembling C. salor, but it differs from the later by having slender basidiomata and the narrower basidiospores. Cortinarius tibeticisalor was collected from eastern Tibetan Plateau, associated with Abies. It differs from other species within sect. Delibuti by having olive tinge of mature or dried basidiomata and bigger basidiospores. The molecular data also support C. subsalor and C. tibeticisalor as new species. The phylogenetic analyses and biogeography of sect. Delibuti are discussed and a key to the species of this section currently known in the world is provided.

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