Synthesis and NMRD studies of Gd3+ complexes of macrocyclic polyamino polycarboxylic ligands bearing beta-benzyloxy-alpha-propionic residues

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From: Inorganic Chemistry(Vol. 31, Issue 6)
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Document Type: Article
Length: 90 words

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The synthesis and the 1/T(sub 1) NMRD profiles of aqueous solutions of Gd3+ chelates of four macrocyclic polyamino polycarboxylic ligands with beta-benzyloxy-alpha-propionic residues were investigated to test their suitability for use as contrast agents. Concentration stability constants were measured at 25 degrees C and u = 0.10 molar (CH3)4N-NO3. The 1/T(sub 1) NMRD profiles of water protons were measured at a continuum of magnetic fields from 2.5x10(super -4) to 1.4 T. Both t(sub R) and t(sub SO) may be modulated by the introduction of suitable substituents in the DOTA structure.

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