Developing a brand performance model based on customer-based brand equity in the market of Iran's banking services.

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Date: Apr. 23, 2021
Publisher: Inderscience Publishers Ltd.
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Awareness of banking brand performance and its evaluation is one of the main goals and success indicators of an organisation in achieving its aims and missions. Meanwhile, performance assessment indicators in different areas and the factors influencing it are different from one organisation to another. In the current research, based on theoretical and quantitative research, we tried to present a conceptual model for explaining different dimensions of each of the variables of research. The present study is an applied research in nature and was conducted with the aim of explanation in two stages. First, after reviewing the subject literature, the basic model was designed and then the initial conceptual model was completed using the Delphi method and confirmed by experts. Eventually, the final model was analysed by data analysis and structural equation modelling and SmartPLS software. The results of the research show that customer-based brand equity directly affects market performance. It also indirectly affects market performance through customer relationship equity. Also, among the constructs that constitute brand equity and customer relationship equity, all dimensions, except brand differentiation and brand awareness, affect the constructs constituting customer relationship equity. Byline: Seyed Reza Jalalzadeh, Ali Kazemi, Azarnoush Ansari

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