Registration of N30-N56, N741, N743, N745, N747, U362, U363, U367, U369-U374, U389-U394, U396-U398, and U500 sweetclover genetic stocks

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Date: July-August 2005
From: Crop Science(Vol. 45, Issue 4)
Publisher: Crop Science Society of America
Document Type: Article
Length: 1,337 words

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Forty-nine white-flowered sweetclover (Melilotus alba Medik.) genetic stocks [N30-N45 (Reg. GS-1-16, PI 549120-549135); N46-N53 (Reg. GS-17-24, PI 557503-PI 557510); N54-N55 (Reg. GS-25-Reg. GS-26, PI 629289-PI 629290); N741, N743, N745, N747 (Reg. GS-27-GS-30, PI 557511-PI 557514); U362, U363, U367 (Reg. GS-31, Reg. GS-32, Reg. GS-33, PI 557515-PI 557517); U369-U374 (Reg. GS-34-GS 39, PI 557518-PI 557523); U389-U394 (Reg. GS-40-GS 45, PI 557524-PI 557529); U396-U398 (Reg. GS-46-GS 48, PI 557530-PI 557532); U500 (Reg. GS-49, PI 557533)] (Table 1); and N56 (Reg. no. GS-50, PI 634019), a yellow-flowered sweetclover [Melilotus officinalis (L.) Lam.] genetic stock, were developed jointly by USDAARS and the Agricultural Research Division, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln and were jointly released in May 2004. The genetic stocks, which contain unique combinations of genes and traits, were developed over more than three decades of cooperative sweetclover genetic research.

The 49 M. alba genetic stocks include a set of 16 lines, N30 through N45, which represent all possible homozygous combinations of four allelic pairs, Y/y, C/c, Cu/cu, and B/b (Table 1). The Y/y alleles affect seed color, and the C/c alleles are concerned with both seed and seedling color (Gorz et al., 1975). The Cu/cu and B/b genes affect coumarin (more accurately, o-hydroxycinnamic acid [beta]-D-glucoside) content (Gorz and Haskins, 1969) and [beta]-glucosidase activity (Haskins and Gorz, 1965), respectively. The development of these 16 lines involved both annual and biennial forms of M. alba, and the greenhouse conditions under which seed of these lines were produced did not permit distinguishing between these forms. Both forms may be present in these lines.

Lines N46 through N49, and N741, N743, N745, and N747, are two sets of four lines, each set representing all possible homozygous combinations of the Cu/cu (coumarin content) and B/b ([beta]-glucosidase activity) alleles. N46 through N49 are annuals. They were derived from an initial cross of cucubb biennial plants x CuCuBB plants of PI 165554, a small, annual, autogamous introduction from India, followed by six successive backcrosses of cucubb segregates to the CuCuBB...

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